What is an Interventionist

The interventionist is someone that helps establish who are the acceptable individuals in the addict’s life that can become an important part of an intervention. Once assembled, the group can guide the individual to just accept treatment and start recovery. The job of the interventionist is to support, provide guidance, educate, in addiction the facilitation of the intervention and what type of aftercare the patient will receive. Most people who preform interventions are Certified Intervention Professionals (but not all). Our team believes that having these types of credentials and training, education, well help the intervention have a positive outcome.

Primary Objectives of an intervention

An interventionist may be a useful tool to get someone into the right type of treatment. An intervention can be utilized for members of the family, a friend or even a colleague who is resistant to addressing his or her addiction. Often times those who are suffering from an addiction have a difficult time coming to terms with their addiction and using a qualified interventionist could be useful in getting the person into treatment. Once individuals enter treatment as a result of an intervention and because the unique relationship with an interventionist, they tend to do very well as a result of the of everyone’s effort involved.

One of the objectives of an interventionist is to help the family and support members confront an individual in a non-threatening manner, and to allow them to visualize how the addict’s dangerous behavior, and how it affects themselves, family and friends. it usually involves the people assembled by the interventionist to have prepared themselves to speak to the addict who has been participating in some type of unsafe behavior. The offer a very clear and respectful approach, and they inform the person of problems they have encountered relating to the addict’s behavior, and how it has affected them. The immediate objective of an interventionist is for the person intent on self-destruction to pay attention and to simply accept help from all who care, and enter treatment that immediately.

Often times it is difficult to assist a someone you love or is close to you who is suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription medicine abuse, eating disorders, compulsive gambling or any other type of harmful behavior. Generally, having a direct conversation with the addict and with the guidance of an interventionist the individual who is struggling with addiction can begin treatment. Depending on the situation, there is also other methods used, joining forces with others and taking action with an interventionist in a very formal intervention method could be what it takes to get that person to enter treatment. Those who struggle with addictive behaviors and their family/friends are typically in denial regarding their situation and are usually unwilling to seek the right type of treatment. An interventionist will present all involved a chance to create the needed changes so things do not escalate further. An expert interventionist is ready to arrange an intervention that’s a planned method involving family and friends and sometimes co-workers, or others who care about a person struggling with addiction so that they become an integral part of the intervention and convincing them to enter treatment.

Addiction Intervention Services

An interventionist’s assistance may literally mean the difference between life and death. Addiction intervention services job is to assist the family of an addict persuade their loved one of the damage their addictive behavior is inflicting. Most addicts hold close the idea that they’ll be able to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction on their own, when they feel like it’s the time to stop. Sadly, typically this is often an unreasonable expectation. The addict will continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, or engage in dangerous behavior, usually creating and breaking promises to stop using, and they will continue to spiral into depression and continue additional abuse. So as to avoid an inevitable tragedy an intervention is usually necessary.


Why Hire an Interventionist

People often seek out the aid of interventionists for their loved ones when their own attempts to address the problem fail, or they are unable to initiate the conversation to begin with. Getting high is usually central to the lives of drug or alcohol addicts, as their primary concern becomes when and how to get high next. People often seek out the aid of interventionists feel they have the same conversation repeatedly but the behavior of the person in question remains the same. Addicts generally deny their addiction, and refuse receiving any help. Getting through to an addict about their problem and convincing them to enter into treatment is a monumental task. Because of this, many look to someone who offers intervention services to handle the issue effectively.


Someone who specializes in doing interventions are well-versed in dealing with someone with addiction, and sole job is to get those suffering from this disease into a treatment program. They are able to run an intervention that is planned and organized to produces a successful ending. An expert interventionist will keep the process on the right track, and bring the addict to into treatment at the end of the intervention. If you or a loved one needs the service of an expert interventionist, contact us today. We have an experienced network of professional interventionists covering the United States, and can put you in touch with someone who will know how to organize an intervention for you.